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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Start Cheering (1938)

Start Cheering wasn't much of a movie. It's supposed to be about a famous young Hollywood leading man who decides to go to college. His agent is of course not in agreement with this decision, and spends the entire movie trying to get him kicked out of college. The story sucks, and most of the music & dance numbers are boring. The only positive about this film is Jimmy Durante. The movie is more of an excuse for Jimmy to run around telling jokes & doing bits than anything else, and he's not even important to the story.

The Three Stooges make a couple of appearances, but they only rehash bits you've seen in their shorts. Chaz Chase does a funny bit in which he eats cigs & matches, but is unimportant to the swiss cheese story line. There were 2 things I did want to share via YouTube, but I couldn't find either. The first is when Jimmy sings "When I Strut Away In My Cutaway" for laughs. The second is an interesting tap routine called "Rockin' The Town" by Hal Le Roy. Since I couldn't find either of these clips on YouTube, I thought I would share other Hal Le Roy film clips. The man has his own style...

The High School Hoofer (1931)
This is a short film featuring an 18 year old Hal Le Roy. The entire thing is only 10 minutes, but the acting is TERRIBLE, so I skipped to the dancing for you.

Department Store Strut
Mitzi Mayfair & Hal Le Roy dancing together in 1932.

How High The Moon
This time he dances & then goofs around with Bob Hope in 1950.

Main Street Follies
Although they never appeared together he was a friend of the legendary Bill Robinson.

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