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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I might have mentioned this briefly on Twitter months ago, but I don't think I said anything on the blog about it. Anyways...there was this music contest I was following for the first time. It was set up like March Madness in a giant bracket. Musicians had to submit a YouTube video of them performing a song (covers were allowed), and people then voted over a period of days to see who won each round. It was open for anyone to vote, and it was basically a giant popularity contest. I was already familiar with about 12 of the people in the contest, and I knew without even looking how big of a following some had. For the most part, the biggest already established fan base won each time.

One of the more popular contestants was cruising' along fairly well, and eventually ran into someone that had some unkind fans. A few of the fans started making racist remarks, and acting like total cunts. Obviously this could rightfully upset someone, but it is the internet...ignorance is abundant. The group that received the hateful remarks went on Twitter & started saying how awful said persons fans were, and actually tried to use the remarks as a motivator to get their fans to vote. I really didn't have a problem with this, but they really made no effort (that I saw) to say it was just a small percentage of the fans causing the trouble. The group ended up winning that round despite the racist remarks they took on the chin.

In a following round they were not so fortunate. They ran into someone with a stronger fan base, and were getting beat pretty good in the voting. At a point where they really didn't have a shot at winning they decide to drop out because of moral reasons. They didn't feel anyone should have to go through the abuse they were going through just to win a contest. I can't remember for sure if the negative comments started again in this round or not, but I think some did. Either way, dropping out of a contest when you're getting your ass kicked is no way to make a stand or prove a moral point. If they REALLY wanted to make a point they should have dropped out when they were WINNING & taking the abuse. But since they handled it as they did, it just makes them look like quitters. What really bugged me is that this group (like a lot of the others) had been begging their fans on YouTube, Twitter, etc... to vote for them round after round for a long time. I'd be kind of annoyed if I spent time voting for this group round after round every day, and then they just quit.

Sorry for boring you, but the group I've been talking about is joining a new contest, so it reminded me of this. I hope they don't run into any more racist cunts, but I do sort of hope they get their ass kicked in whatever contest it is. Your thoughts?

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