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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nathan Wills AKA paradigma

This You Tuber has some real talent, and I'm hoping he creates some videos that would go well in this blog. If you subscribe to SMP Films, or if you've just watched a few of Cory's AKA Mr. Saftey's videos, you might have heard some of his music before.

Take A Bow (cover)
Happy Slip not only does a cover, but then uses her own lyrics to improve the song.

You Tube users should have noticed the "Audio Preview" button recently added by now. David Choi not only noticed it, he used it to write a song.

Take On Me: Literal Video Version
Basically this user took an old music video, but changed the lyrics so that they describe exactly whats going on in the video at that very moment. Just watch, it's funny I promise.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's another video from paradigma. The guys videos aren't that great, but his music is really good. Let's hope the guy continues to create & share new stuff. CLICK HERE FOR Nathan Wills

2. Gabe Bondoc posted an original song awhile back I liked. CLICK HERE FOR The One

3. ScribbleTunes is an unsigned singer songwriter I recently subscribed to on You Tube. I liked this original song. CLICK HERE FOR Alright

4. Leeav Sofer is someone I hope to see more of after listening to this original song. CLICK HERE FOR Timeless

5. This is A Pirate Story by Eric Herman. Cool childrens song with video. CLICK HERE FOR Blackbeard, Bluebeard & Redbeard

6. Nick from POPTUB does a parody of another internet classic. CLICK HERE FOR Classic Parody

7. Another musical video of celebrities wanting you to get out and vote. CLICK HERE FOR VOTE!

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  1. hi! i'm leeav and i saw what you posted. that means alot to me, thank you so much! i love your taste in videos they're all awesome.