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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Featuring: Tommy Knox

I can't believe I hadn't heard of this guy before Saturday. I also can't believe he doesn't have more subscribers. In just 1 day he became one of my favorite You Tubers, and everyone that reads this needs to go check out his channel.

The Internet Love Story

No More (The LAST Time)

An Overdue Goodbye (And Good Riddance)

The Last Note (Goodbye To This World)

Best Of The Rest:

1. Tommy Knox is too good to stop at 4 videos for the day, so here's a 5th. CLICK HERE FOR Tag Me (All About The Hits)

2. Wow, a pro Palin music video...it's like going for a walk in the woods and stumbling upon bigfoot. You've heard about it, but assumed it was a myth. CLICK HERE FOR Sarah Palin's Song

3. Kelly Valleau gives us a great guitar solo of a classic. CLICK HERE FOR We Will Rock You

4. Personally I'd rather be dancing with a hot chick, but this guy likes heavy machinery. CLICK HERE FOR Dances With Diggers

5. Some pretty fancy editing makes McCain & Obama break dance. CLICK HERE FOR McCain Vs Obama Dance-Off

6. If you're a fan of Scrubs you'll like this little montage. CLICK HERE FOR Turk Poison

7. It's time for one of those painfully cute videos. CLICK HERE FOR Dancing Baby

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