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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Short Love Story In Stop Motion

This is a wonderful stop motion animation by Carlos Lascano with a top notch soundtrack as well.

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

Shawshank In A Minute
Jib Jab takes a classic movie, and turns it into a 3 minute rap video.

A Conversation In Music Lyrics
I subscribed to the Comedy.com You Tube channel for the "Make A Hot Girl Laugh" series. But this video rocks as well.

Scarecrow Dancing Electro
Really not much of an explaination needed for this video...it's a dancing scarecrow...

Best Of The Rest:

1. Have you been taking 'Your Weekly Music Lesson's with Walt? CLICK HERE FOR Episode #4: Tempo

2. Lauren Fairweather makes me wish I paid the nerd chicks in high school more attention. Here's her latest original song. CLICK HERE FOR Too Many Arrows

3. It's time for another ukulele cover, this time it's jaaaaaaa doing a Queen cover. CLICK HERE FOR You're My Best Friend

4. After the last debate everyone knows who Joe The Plumber is, so it's only right that someone does a debate remix. CLICK HERE FOR Joe Remix

5. I've been feeling down today, I think I've got 'The Joe The Plumber Blues'. CLICK HERE FOR Blue Toilet Water

6. One more Joe The Plumber song for today. CLICK HERE FOR Joe The Plumber

7. I posted a video of Kelly Valleau doing a great guitar solo the other day, here's another. CLICK HERE FOR Another Brick In The Wall

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