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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How To Dance Sexy

Before we get to the videos I would like to mention that I'm working on a sequel to the "Internet Dance" video I made awhile back. This time I plan on featuring Internet celebrities & well known You Tubers though. So if anyone out there wants to be in the video just make a 5-10 sec video of yourself dancing, post it on You Tube & send me the link. On to the videos...

This first video may not be what you're expecting...just a warning.

Gabe Bondoc - YTS (original)
I really liked this song he uploaded yesterday. It's about falling in love with a You Tuber...I was thinking about Kina Grannis during most of the video.

Nicholas Barron Band - Saviour
Great song & performance.

Lois Mahalia - Smile
I don't think I've ever linked to this chick, but if I hear more songs like this you'll see more of her here.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This is a really old music video by Dawn Gable, probably something she wishes she could erase from history. CLICK HERE FOR Heavy On The Sunshine

2. So far the You Tube show "Hooking Up" has been a bit disappointing, but I thought this was sort of funny. CLICK HERE FOR Emily's Vlog

3. Usually mememolly doesn't create videos that would belong in this blog, so I had to link to her most recent video when I saw it. CLICK HERE FOR woo!

4. After that huge freaking post I did containing 20+ McCain & Obama songs you would think I could go just 1 day and not post something about them... CLICK HERE FOR Oh McCain

5. Another song about the election... CLICK HERE FOR The Presidential Rap

6. If you live near Cincinnati there isn't much to cheer about as far as professional sports goes. I stick with my teams through thick & thin however, so when I came across a song about the Cincinnati Reds that I hadn't heard before I decided to post it. What's even better is the band name...Screaming Mimes. CLICK HERE FOR Three Cheers Cincinnati

7. I don't like this video as much, but my Bengals need all the love they can get right now since they still haven't won a game this year. I keep praying Mike Brown will sell the team to an owner who knows how to run a football team. CLICK HERE FOR Who Dey Rap

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