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Friday, October 24, 2008

kingleg - Kazoo Quartet

I almost decided to feature kingleg today, even though I decided against it you'll find a few more videos from the kingleg channel in the Best Of The Rest below. I also want to thank the You Tube channel PopTub, because since I subscribed to their channel it's like they do half of my work for me. They give me the heads up on a lot of good links for this blog, and today is a great example. They linked to a kingleg video, so I checked out the channel and ended up getting 6 of my videos for today. I think there's only 1 video I didn't get from them today (that's usually not the case), so check out PopTub on You Tube.

Android Rap Song (G1 Love)
Not Data from Star Trek, but the Google Android...still a good video.

Attraction Blacklight Theatre
These guys get pretty creative with blacklights.

coomadoug - Taken for Granted (original)
Here's another original song from Doug...I would like his videos a lot more if he didn't feature those stupid dogs so much. Sort of weird, like the old lady that lives with 20 cats down the road.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Nick from PopTub does a parody of kingleg. CLICK HERE FOR Nick Quartet

2. I told you there would be more kingleg for today. CLICK HERE FOR Caveman Quintet

3. No not the Billy Idol song, but another kingleg video. CLICK HERE FOR Dancing With Myself

4. I'm guessing this kingleg video was inspired by the popular lassegg video. CLICK HERE FOR Beets

5. This is how the guys from kingleg celebrate wrapping up a school term. CLICK HERE FOR EOST Video

6. Music, stop motion animation & food = CLICK HERE FOR FOODCHAIN

7. Another Obama song...yippy (sarcasm). CLICK HERE FOR BARACK YOUR WORLD

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