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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Robot Dancing Partner

Before we get to the videos I'd like to remind you that you can follow me on Twitter, links on the right. I only have 5 followers, but I noticed one of them is Andrew Baron a producer for http://www.rocketboom.com/. Great site, if you don't know what it is check it out I've been a fan for a long time. I don't tweet much, but I always give a tweet about each blog update. Eventually I plan on posting links to extra content on Twitter, that may not make the blog.

This is a little creepy, we're now 1 step closer to robots taking over the Earth.

Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk
This is the Nataly Dawn video I told you yesterday that I would post. I love her voice, is it me or is it really hot?

Kendama Music
I love the Japs, I just wish I could pick up more of their television programming over here.

BANDAI Mugen PeriPeri, Electric Paper Pack Opener
Even their commercials are cool. I wouldn't skip commercials with my DVR if I lived in Japan.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Break dancing fingers...that's probably the only type of break dancing I could ever do. CLICK HERE FOR Dancing Fingers

2. Nick Vitale from PopTub does a parody of Little Superstar. CLICK HERE FOR Little Vitale

3. I think I've got a number of relatives who would hit the dance floor if Back Got Back was playing. However I don't think I have any relatives in their 70-80's who would. CLICK HERE FOR Granny Got Back

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