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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leprechaun Dance

What's better then a midget dancing? One dressed as a leprechaun of course...duh.

The lyrics of this song come from various You Tube comments.

breadpig band's first show: Live in D.C.
This video was made by one of the creators of Reddit.com. I think it's the only band I'm talented enough to play with.

Cosby Show Opening (parody by TRS)
The Totally Rad Show recently did a parody of the Cosby Show opening. I'm a fan of TRS & Cosby so I had to post it.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This is from the 1976 movie "Revenge Of The Cheerleaders". It's a short clip of a B movie, so why am I posting it? You might notice a future internet superstar dancing around like a retarded black bear in a honey factory...that's why. CLICK HERE FOR The Hoff

2. I stumbled upon Matt Rach's You Tube channel the other day...looks promising. CLICK HERE FOR R2D2

3. This is a Secondhand Serenade cover by Tiffany Alvord. I haven't posted anything of hers before, hopefully she'll do something else worth mentioning here in the future. CLICK HERE FOR Fall For You

4. Kina does a Gregory and the Hawk cover. CLICK HERE FOR Boats and Birds

5. I should have posted this earilier this year, but didn't get around to it. Michael Jackson ft. Akon doing a remake...I'm really wanting new stuff from Michael. CLICK HERE FOR Wanna Be Startin' Something

6. The web famous Dancing Inmates have their own theme song now. I would expect a dance video is in the works. CLICK HERE FOR CPDRC Song

7. "Weird Al" Yankovic posted a new song on his You Tube channel. Hopefully a full video will be coming soon. CLICK HERE FOR Whatever You Like

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