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Friday, October 3, 2008

Featuring: Doug Payne AKA coomadoug

Before you get to the videos notice I'm now including a Digg button with the updates. So Digg it if you digg it. Hopefully I'll figure out how to change the size & color of the button soon.

I've only posted 1 coomadoug video in the past, but you should check his stuff out. Picture a mix of geriatric1927 & davedays.

Sinkers Hooks And Things

The Day You Spent With Me

Feel Good Tears

Personal Space

Best Of The Rest:

1. A ukulele can turn any song into a winner. At least that's what this You Tuber must think, since he does ukulele covers. CLICK HERE FOR Creep - Radiohead (cover)

2. In my opinion the accordion is still the coolest instrument. I wonder if I can find an accordion cover of Creep... CLICK HERE FOR Beer Barrel Polka

3. Crap I couldn't find an accordion cover of Creep. I did come across a music video I liked though. CLICK HERE FOR Savage - Swing

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