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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Disturbia - Rihanna (cover)

Before you get to the videos you should notice the Best Of The Rest has expanded to include 7 videos now. I don't know how long I'll keep posting 11 items a day, but if I keep finding enough material I'll make the change permanent. If I still have extra material, I'll start posting them as extras on Twitter. But we'll see how this goes first...on to the first video....

Kina Grannis doesn't do a lot of popular covers, so this is really a treat.

Rhett & Link give us a little update on how the Super Note contest is going. Have you made your Super Note yet?

Prof Klein's Vlog - Dance
Hooking Up is an online show staring a bunch of You Tube celebrities. Nalts has a character in the show, and I thought this clip was sort of funny.

TuTu Band "What's That Smell?
I'll be singing this song on my way to the park later...don't you hate when you get a song stuck in your head?

Best Of The Rest:

1. Another odd Jap commercial, this time for Infinite Bubblewrap. What will they think of next? CLICK HERE FOR Infinite Bubblewrap

2. It's time for another ukulele cover! Michael Jackson may be one screwed up individual, but he's still a great artist. CLICK HERE FOR Billie Jean

3. I remember back in elementary school one of our field day events was a hula hoop contest. I don't like to brag :D but I could hula hoop with the best of them. I'm just glad I didn't go to school with this chick, I would have never won that little blue ribbon. CLICK HERE FOR Caitlin Skye

4. If you liked the show "Your Weekly Music Lesson with Walt" I linked to a couple days ago episode #2 is out. CLICK HERE FOR Chords

5. Antoine Dufour plays "Song For Stephen" on guitar. This guy has skills. CLICK HERE FOR Song For Stephen

6. I think this qualifies as an epic fail...you be the judge. CLICK HERE FOR Hey There Delilah

7. Here's a parody of the Transformers theme song. CLICK HERE FOR The Transgenders

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