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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Featuring: White Gold

This advertising campaign puts the "Got Milk" ads to shame. The first video isn't a music video, but tells you a bit of who White Gold is. The next 3 videos are all music videos...and they are internet gold.

White Gold - The Legend

One Gallon Axe

Do You Love My Hair?

Tame The White Tiger

Best Of The Rest:

1. This is the most recent Venetian Princess video. Not my favorite, but not bad. CLICK HERE FOR Celebrity Trainwrecks Song

2. I owe my viewers an apology. I Rick Rolled you guys twice in the past week by making you think you were about to watch hot chicks dancing. Well I mean it this time when I say I'm sorry. This time the link is for real....or is it....only 1 way to find out. CLICK HERE FOR Russian Girl Dancing

3. Some people sing in the shower, this guy beatboxes in the shower. CLICK HERE FOR Doeme

4. Retro Kidz is a great idea for a group. Even if you don't like the song people my age will be taken back in time from watching the video. CLICK HERE FOR New Era

5. I don't follow popular music much, so I have no idea who 'Robyn' is, but I liked this music video. CLICK HERE FOR Cobrastyle

6. Here's an old rap video about MySpace. CLICK HERE FOR The Kings Of MySpace

7. Street performers are a great source of material for this blog. I wish I knew more about this one. CLICK HERE FOR Piano/Guitar Solo

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