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Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Music Videos

I'm featuring 4 music videos I came across during the past month that I really enjoyed. Monday or Tuesday I plan on featuring Jonathan Coulton again. I featured some of his best videos awhile back, but JoCo fans have made a lot of new videos since. So even though I featured him once before, all the videos will be different this time.

The Gabe Dixon Band - Till You're Gone
This is a great idea for a video, turning people into piano keys.

Torpedo Boyz - The Disco Song
I miss disco...the clothes, the songs & the lights...BRING BACK DISCO!

TV On The Radio - Dancing Choose
This is a great song with an odd, but entertaining video.

Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries
This video is made using only dice...cool look & good song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I found someone else I like that does a lot of ukulele covers. CLICK HERE FOR Only You (The Platters cover)

2. You Tube was featuring this yesterday when I was looking for music videos. CLICK HERE FOR Interlude:Slidy

3. This is a video of someone pretending to play soda cans. CLICK HERE FOR Pop Rock

4. This guy found a new way to create music by himself. CLICK HERE FOR Homemade Band

5. Your Weekly Music Lesson with Walt Episode #3 is now out. CLICK HERE FOR How To Read Music

6. This is a cool stop motion object animated video made by 6-11 year old kids, with the music being provided by Patchouli. CLICK HERE FOR Art Project

7. A band called SPARKS had an animation contest for whoever could make the best video for their single, "Waterproof". Here's one entry... CLICK HERE FOR Waterproof

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