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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do The "Lurch"?

Before you get to the videos, I want to let people know that I may start updating this blog at a more random schedule. I'll still try to update about every day, but I'll be starting a new job soon. So I may not update around 12-4AM which is when I typically have been updating.

I remember watching the Adams Family growing up, and I remember the character Lurch very clearly. However I do not remember a dance craze called the "Lurch".

Mahalo Daily! - Tush Push
Recently uploaded report on line dancing...something I've actually had to teach to middle school kids.

Nerd Rappers
Internet Superstar recently featured some nerd rappers on the show that I found entertaining.

Super Note Update
Here's another update from Rhett & Link about their Super Note contest.

Best Of The Rest:

1. What's better then a naked chick dancing around to Baby Got Back? 2 naked chicks dancing around to Baby Got Back! CLICK HERE FOR Plenty Of Back

2. Jack Conte uploaded another cool music video. CLICK HERE FOR We Grew Up So Well

3. Kelly Valleau can really pick this guitar. CLICK HERE FOR Guitar Solo

4. Neil Cicierega is the guy who did the popular Potter Puppet Pals videos. This is his most recent music video. CLICK HERE FOR 123456 Pokemon

5. I wish more people would do covers of songs from the 50's. I should also add that I wish those people had talent. CLICK HERE FOR Earth Angel

6. One of the greatest commercials ever made is for Jhoon Rhee Taekwondo. CLICK HERE FOR Nobody Bother Me

7. Why is it that local commercials are always so bad? CLICK HERE FOR Pacesetter Nissan

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