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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Numa Numa Hank Dance

Hank from the vlogbrothers gets a new place, and to show it off he dances to the Numa Numa song all over.

How The Hell Did Matt Get People To Dance With Him?
Matt Harding is the dude who did that compilation video of himself dancing all over the world.

Pop Waffle Vol 22:Pigs, Vampires, & MJs Underpants
This is an odd way to get your news...some arts & crafts with a little background music?

When I saw the type of instrument this guy played I subscribed instantly...here's a cool cover of 'The Final Countdown'.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This is a song & video about Columbus Day....yeah I'm posting it late. CLICK HERE FOR Late Video

2. This Korean 15-year-old chick can sing. CLICK HERE FOR Xeno

3. David Choi does a Britney Spears cover. If only someone who take audio from this video & put it with the video of the original... CLICK HERE FOR Womanizer

4. Kina Grannis uploaded another original song. CLICK HERE FOR The Goldfish Song

5. Bush & Cheney get to thinking about the time they have left in office. CLICK HERE FOR Plenty Of Time!

6. Here's a trailer for a fake High School Musical parody. CLICK HERE FOR COLLEGE Musical!

7. This is a commercial for Sony. CLICK HERE FOR Walkman

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