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Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain vs Obama on You Tube

I've been getting sick of all the Obama songs going around the net, and I've posted a number of them. So far I've been a little 1 sided by only posting pro Obama stuff. That's not really my fault though as I usually only post political videos when they get popular. Since the net seems mostly liberal naturally there's going to be more pro Obama music videos. Just search the news section of Digg if you don't think most people are leaning left online. Anyways I decided to put my blog more in the middle by finding some pro McCain videos for today. One problem though...in searching for McCain music videos I found about 4 or 5 pro McCain videos along with dozens more pro Obama or anti McCain. So I'm featuring the pro McCain videos, while putting all the pro Obama stuff in the Best Of The Rest...which will be HUGE today.

Raising McCain - John Rich
This is by far the most popular pro McCain song I could find.

Me & John McCain
Funny song written by someone who may like McCain too much.

Why are blacks supporting Obama?
rehdogg timed uploading this video perfectly. I already had this post prepared when I saw this come up in my subscriptions page. The song is cool, but hopefully he'll do another version with a cool video to go along.

Johnny Be Good
They've used the song Johnny B. Goode as a theme song during this election...this is an altered version.

Best Of The Rest:

I'm actually including a few pro McCain videos in this section as well, but most will be pro Obama & anti McCain.

1. This is an instrumental by WinterBand. CLICK HERE FOR McCain Boogie

2. This is a song parody of Eric Clapton's "Cocaine". CLICK HERE FOR McCain Song

3. The McCain Girls is basically a response from a few McCain supporters after the Obama Girl became famous. CLICK HERE FOR Raining McCain

4. Here a catchy anti McCain rap. CLICK HERE FOR Maverick Rap Song

5. There are numerous versions of Bomb Iran currently, I'm just posting 1 though. CLICK HERE FOR Bomb Iran

6. Roy Zimmerman preforms an anti McCain song. CLICK HERE FOR The Man, the Myth, the McCain

7. Live anti McCain preformance. CLICK HERE FOR John McCain Song

8. This is a well done anti McCain video. CLICK HERE FOR john.he.is

9. This one is a bit childish. CLICK HERE FOR The Angry John McCain Song

10. This You Tuber seems a bit angry himself after reading some of the stuff he posted, but he decides to be a hypocrite an make this video. CLICK HERE FOR I'm Afraid Of John McCain

11. This song basically says McCain will be Bush #3. CLICK HERE FOR George W McCain Song

12. There's a lot of jokes about what's younger then McCain. This is basically the song version of dozens of those jokes. I laughed even though I'm voting McCain. CLICK HERE FOR Younger Than McCain

13. Another good video featuring Palin this time. CLICK HERE FOR Sarah Palin Strips For McCain

14. This is another twist on the Raisin' McCain song. CLICK HERE FOR 'Raisin' McCain

15. This is called 'Barack Obama vs John Mccain RAP BATTLE'. However they aren't exactly 2 sided with their "battle". CLICK HERE FOR Rap Battle

16. Mason Storm does a 'Ballad Of Davey Crockett' parody. CLICK HERE FOR The Ballad Of Sarah Palin

17. Don't know the name of this one, but I'll call it Cooky McCain. CLICK HERE FOR Cooky McCain

18. LaReina Del Barrio is a fruit loop & probably the most ridiculous thing I've seen on You Tube other then Chris Crocker. CLICK HERE FOR Pro Obama Burlesque Shimmy Song & Dance Thing?

19. Again not something I agree with, but good video & song. CLICK HERE FOR All I Want (Is For McCain To Make Some Sense)

20. I found myself dancing in my chair a little listening to this guys videos. CLICK HERE FOR Debate Highlights - In Song And Dance

21. Here's another catchy little video from the same guy as above. CLICK HERE FOR Nashville Debate In Song And Dance

22. Same guy now covers the VP debate. CLICK HERE FOR VP Debate In Song And Dance

If you know of a video that you feel should have made this list that didn't, I have probably already posted it in the past. I can't wait for this election to be over...

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