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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Banjo Kazooie WITH LYRICS

Spintown News:
About half the new headers are done. So you'll see some new people included in the header once in awhile.

Banjo Kazooie WITH LYRICS
It's easy to pick the #1 feature whenever brentalfloss puts out a new 'With Lyrics' video.

The Mushroom Singdom: Life Force
I haven't been a Jonathan Mann fan for very long. So I missed this incredible video when it was first released. I still own & play Life Force once in awhile, it's one of my all time favorite games.

Take A Shower
Peter Coffin uploaded a Fall Out Boy parody yesterday.

Hey Molly
As any regular Spintown visitor knows, I've followed Mike Lombardo in Song Fu. I didn't know about his YouTube channel though, so expect to see more of him here at Spintown now that I'm a subscriber.

This Disaster
Here's the latest video song from Jack Conte.

I thought this was funny, and just subscribed to the channel.

Love Sex Magic
Marie Digby is cute & talented. I just wish she would upload more videos.

Best Of The Rest:

1. If you can understand the language you might want to enter this dance competition. CLICK HERE FOR Fit's Dance Contest

2. A Spintown All-Star entered the competition. CLICK HERE FOR kyaaakya Contest Entry

3. I've always loved this song, and it's even good on the Pan Flute. CLICK HERE FOR Unchained Melody

4. It's time for Your Weekly Music Lesson with Walt. CLICK HERE FOR Transposition!

5. Do these Gummi Bears entertain or annoy you? CLICK HERE FOR Nuki Nuki (The Nuki Song)

6. Here's another Jonathan Mann song...this one has a more serious topic. CLICK HERE FOR I Am Israel, I Am Palestine

7. Gary may not be a great singer, but he has guts enough to sing anyways. CLICK HERE FOR Smells Like Teen Spirit


  1. Hey!
    Thanks so much for the plug! I love this blog!

  2. No problem. If you ever want to make music for a Spintown video just let me know. Working on a few now actually.