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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Susan Boyle

Spintown News:
Well the final round of Song Fu 3 has officially started. The following was posted over at QuickStopEntertainment:

"All the votes have been tallied, and the Challenger with the most cumulative votes over the course of the last 3 Challenges is MOLLY LEWIS! She’ll be going head-to-head against Masters PAUL & STORM… So what exactly is the Final Challenge?

I call this one FRANKENSONG. For this fourth and final challenge, you must craft a composition that contains AT LEAST THREE (3) distinctly different songs within your final song, but which fit together into a cohesive whole. By distinct, I mean both tempo and style. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 45 seconds. For examples of Frankensong, think of tunes like The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life” and Paul McCartney’s “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”, or have a listen to the track below:

Harry Chapin - “There Only Was One Choice""

Molly did a pretty good job, despite the terrible Round 2 song. Not my top pick, but definately in my top 5. They didn't show what the overall totals were for the competition, so I went ahead & added up the votes from each round. Here are the final results:

Song Fu Masters
1. Paul & Storm (588 Votes)
2. Neil Innes (343 Votes)
3. Garfunkel & Oates (186 Votes)

Song Fu Challengers
Molly Lewis (1793 Votes)
Hank Green (1530 Votes)
Crabbydad (858 Votes)
Mike Lombardo (689 Votes)
Joe "Covenant" Lamb (623 Votes)
Edric Haleen (535 Votes)
Jeff MacDougall (461 Votes)
Jutze Schult (453 Votes)
Insane Ian (354 Votes)
Hazen Nester (262 Votes)
"BucketHat" Bobby Matheson (234 Votes)
Mick Bordet (231 Votes)
Audiomohel (205 Votes)
Timonth Rush (170 Votes)
Jalapeno Habaneros (161 Votes)
Jarrett Heather (152 Votes)
The Masked Stranger (132 Votes)
Hallelujah Ape (129 Votes)
Jeff Fardink (114 Votes)
Bryce Jensen (86 Votes)
Heather Henderson (43 Votes)
Rusty's Rocking Jamboree (40 Votes)

I didn't do all that great in my picks for round 3. I did get 3 out of the top 5 right, but I think Jeff & Mike got screwed. There were a lot of good songs, so I'm not trying to say anything bad about the rest of the challengers. I'll probably pick my top 5 overall competitors for Song Fu 3 in the next couple days, and make a top 10 list of my favorite songs.

Song Fu 3 Round 3 Results
*Molly Lewis - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (42.0%, 783 Votes)
*Hank Green - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (39.0%, 725 Votes)
Joe "Covenant" Lamb - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (15.0%, 275 Votes)
*Edric Haleen - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (13.0%, 237 Votes)
Jutze Schult - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (13.0%, 236 Votes)
Crabbydad - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (12.0%, 227 Votes)
Insane Ian - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (11.0%, 200 Votes)
*Mike Lombardo - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (11.0%, 195 Votes)
*Jeff MacDougall - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (8.0%, 155 Votes)
Hazen Nester - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (5.0%, 97 Votes)
Jalapeno Habaneros - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (4.0%, 74 Votes)
Mick Bordet - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (4.0%, 69 Votes)
Timothy Rush - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (4.0%, 67 Votes)
"Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (3.0%, 61 Votes)
Audiomohel - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (3.0%, 57 Votes)
The Masked Stranger - "It All Makes Sense At The End" (3.0%, 50 Votes)
* Spintown voted for in this round.

You'll notice that I've gone back to featuring 4 videos each day. This is because I'm finally caught up with the backlog of videos I had to post. I'll post 10 BOTR videos for a few more days, then back to 7.

Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle became a web phenomenon after singing "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables. Simon even gives some props in this recent episode of Britains Got Talent.

Oreo Love
Jonathan Mann may be on vacation, but he's still posting good music.

Drafi Deutcher Buffalaxed!
This time it's the song, 'Marmor Stein und Eisen'.

Cover Girl (DANCE)
It doesn't shock me that Michael Buckley decided to dance to this RuPaul song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. "On June 28th, 2006, former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens told the world, “The internet is not a big truck. It’s a series of tubes,” among other odd choices of wording while trying to criticize an ammendment that would have prohibited ISP’s from charging for a tiered internet structure." - Know Your Meme CLICK HERE FOR Series Of Tubes

2. Here's another dance video from YouTuber 'DaveyDanceBlog'. CLICK HERE FOR 60 Brussels

3. YouTuber 'nokturna9' does exactly what hot chicks should do in front of a webcam. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

4. Here's a cool Transformers mash up. CLICK HERE FOR Transformers Go Wamp Wamp!

5. Here's a Derek Cate original song. CLICK HERE FOR I Need You (Here With Me)

6. Here's another original song, this time from Brittany Nicole. CLICK HERE FOR This Time

7. I know where I'm going for my birthday. CLICK HERE FOR Hooters Dance

8. Here's some really white kids... CLICK HERE FOR Hitler Rap

9. I used to love the WWF, and people like Koko B. Ware. The WWE isn't entertaining anymore, now it's just trash for rednecks. CLICK HERE FOR Piledriver

10. This video by Jordan C. Greenhalgh is "an experiment to exploit the single frames that make up an animated film and explore the emotions of the creative process. Created with 987 polaroids and no computer compositing." CLICK HERE FOR Process Enacted

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