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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Kollaboration 9

Spintown News:
Found a lot of videos to post today, so I decided to give you a few extra features. I also ranked my overall top 5 contestants from Song Fu 3, and posted links to my 10 favorite songs from the tournament in the BOTR section.

The YouTube Symphony Orchestra had it's first performance yesterday. Did anyone go?

Kollaboration 9 - Freestyle Dance
I've got a couple more videos from Kollaboration today. This first one features a really funny dancer, but he's no David Elsewhere. You'll have to watch a few who aren't very good, until a taller awkward looking guy steps up.

Kollaboration 9 - Kaba Modern
This is a pretty cool group dance routine.

Movin' On Up (with Leaf Trombone)
Rhett & Link cover one of the greatest television theme songs in history. It was a no brainer to feature this.

Men In White Coats
Joel Cathey is really good at what he does, and he proves it yet again with this video.

The Longest Way 1.0
I've seen plenty of the one year, picture a day, time lapse videos. However I don't think I've seen one in which the guy walks 4600+km.

Alloway Grove
Wade Johnston does a cool ukulele cover of this Paolo Nutini song.

The Internet Symphony "Global Mash Up"
We should be getting some videos from yesterdays performance soon.

Best Of The Rest:

My top 5 contestants from Song Fu 3 were: 1. Hank Green, 2. Molly Lewis, 3. Jeff MacDougall, 4. Mike Lombardo & 5. Edric Haleen. Below is a top 10 list of my favorite songs from the tournament. Of course there will be at least 2 more songs coming out for the final round currently going on, but this includes all the rounds everyone got to participate in.

1. I Pity The (Song) Fu - Molly Lewis (Round 1)

2. It All Makes Sense At The End - Hank Green (Round 3)

3. What Makes You Feel Happy - Joe 'Covenant' Lamb (Round 1)

4. It All Makes Sense At The End - Edric Haleen (Round 3)

5. I Know - Hank Green (Round 2)

6. It All Makes Sense At The End - Molly Lewis (Round 3)

7. The Bop Bop Song - Jeff MacDougall (Round 1)

8. It All Makes Sense At The End - Mike Lombardo (Round 3)

9. It All Makes Sense At The End - Jeff MacDougall (Round 3)

10. Extreme Mad-Libs (Song Fu Edition) - Edric Haleen (Round 2)

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