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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kollaboration 9

Spintown News:
Got a message on my YouTube page from Frank Bell.

"thanks for the blog love, and help spreading the word about my music :) you rock!"

No problem Frank, here at Spintown we love your music. If however you feel a strong urge to do something nice, I would love to collaborate on a video with you. :D

The view count for 'Pain For Laughs 21' seems to finally be slowing down. In all it had about 5 thousand views yesterday. Between YouTube & Metacafe it has been viewed 191,000 times during the past 16 days. So if you're interested in writing a song for me to use in my next video, there's a good chance it'll be heard by a lot of people. Rehdogg is already planning on writing another, but you can be a part of the next video as well.

kyaaakya Group Dance
I've mentioned that I love this YouTube channel, but her videos keep getting better. I love the community participation in making this video. She credits all the YouTubers in the video if you go to the direct link.

Kollaboration 9 - David Choi
The Kollaboration YouTube page is a little late in posting these videos, but I'm glad they finally got around to it. Kollaboration is basically a big talent show for Asians, and you might remember hearing about David Elsewhere because of this annual show.

Kollaboration 9 - Kina Grannis
Here's another big name on YouTube performing at the show.

Kollaboration 9 - Kenichi Ebina
I've never heard of this guy, but the dude can sure dance.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Alyssa Bernal does one of the most covered songs of the past year. CLICK HERE FOR Love Story

2. These haircuts are terrible. I don't know why guys would wear their hair like that. CLICK HERE FOR Florence Henderson Hair

3. Nick Pitera & Rudy Pitera do a Katy Perry cover. CLICK HERE FOR Thinking Of You

4. You guys wouldn't mind if I posted a second Kina Grannis video today would you? I didn't think so... CLICK HERE FOR Failure

5. YouTuber 'nokturna9' has been posting like crazy over the past few days. Here's a few examples: Video 1, 2 & 3.

6. Ole Ivars is the latest victum of the Buffalax. CLICK HERE FOR Nei så tjukk du har blitt Buffalaxed!

7. YouTuber 'tokyostormtrooper' has an odd hobby, but it look fun. CLICK HERE FOR New Trooper Dance

8. Here's a video from the last person to comment on my blog. CLICK HERE FOR Guitar: Backwards

9. Rin On The Rox does a Jennifer Hudson cover. CLICK HERE FOR If This Isn't Love

10. This is a beautiful lyrical duet choreographed by Kristin McQuaid. Oh, and the dancers are only 14. CLICK HERE FOR What's Love

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