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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu: The Musical

Spintown News:
Not much out there on the intertubes today. I did find a few worth while videos though. 2 of the features were things I saw on POPTUB, so props to POPTUB today. Brent Black AKA brentalfloss sent me a message yesterday. Apparently he's been making good progess in the song he's currently writing for me. Can't wait for him to finish because I've been wanting this video done for a long time. The only bad thing will be paying an animator to animate the music video. Cash isn't running low around here, it's relocated altogether recently.

Swine Flu: The Musical
Jonathan Mann feels the way I do about this topic.

Wild Eagle
I really liked this Andrew White song, so give it a listen.

NCC Video
There was a time in middleschool in which I had given up cursing....even when my parents weren't around.

Human-Robot Jazz Improvisation
Not bad, but after reading the title I expected more.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Jack Conte uploaded a new VideoSong. This time it's a rather short video, but still good. CLICK HERE FOR Ten Thousand Feet Per Second

2. Eight Beat Measure do an A Cappella version of a great cartoon theme song. CLICK HERE FOR Doug Theme

3. Here's a good jazz routine choreographed by Erika Leedy, and performed by some talented 12 year olds. The song is one of my favorites as well. CLICK HERE FOR Blackbird

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