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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wasted My Time

Spintown News:
'Pain For Laughs 21' has had enough views on YouTube during the past 2 weeks (114,000+) to make the front page in the Music category. Yet for some reason YouTube decides to keep it off the front page, the second page, the third page, etc... I labeled the video so that it would show up in the music section due to the fact that it includes 2 original never heard before songs. So it's labeled legitimately...so why is YouTube shafting me this time? I'm guessing because there's a couple curse words, but that's all I can think of.

Well I'm almost caught up with all the videos I missed during my 2 weeks of ninja training. So at some point over the next few days I'll go back to posting 4 features along with 7 BOTR videos. Less if I don't find enough quality videos, but I still plan on posting pretty much daily.

Wasted My Time
Here's a cool music video from Superpowerless.

The Douchebag Anthem
This is the anthem for all you douchebags.

Tabbouleh Song
If you like dance music & making salads...this song was made for you.

Rin On The Rox decided to throw together a quick music video for one of their songs.

Tip Jar
Here's a ukulele original from Wade Johnston. Go subscribe to his channel. Wade if you read this drop me a line, I live in the same area.

Eclectic 3.0
This is a pretty cool time lapse by Ross Ching on Vimeo. You should definately watch in full screen HD.

Second Chance
Ana Free does a Shinedown cover.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I don't really like this song, but everyone seems to cover it...even David Choi. CLICK HERE FOR Pokerface

2. This is old, but you know how I am about theme songs... CLICK HERE FOR Duck Tales Acoustic Guitar

3. Kris Mark covers an OK Go track. CLICK HERE FOR Million Ways To Be Cruel

4. I've seen Coco The SInging Parrot live since I'm a Cincy guy. CLICK HERE FOR Take Me Out To The Ballgame

5. A few months back I linked to a dancing weather girl...here's a rapping traffic report. CLICK HERE FOR Traffic Report Fail

6. Here's another song I don't really like, but everyone seems to cover. This time it's Alyssa Bernal doing the cover. CLICK HERE FOR The Climb

7. Frank Bell covers a Sam Sparro dance hit. CLICK HERE FOR Black & Gold

8. Here's my favorite version of this internet classic. CLICK HERE FOR Lookin' Ass Nigga

9. It's time for some really bad karaoke, and to make it even worse, let's make it a Barbra Streisand song. CLICK HERE FOR To Make Your Ears Bleed

10. You guys liked the singing cats with the rapping dog the other day, so here's another video of the singing cats. CLICK HERE FOR Kitty Criminal

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