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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Act Two

Spintown News:
Got some good news for yall today. YouTubers 'browian01' & 'tommyknox99' could be lending their talents to an upcoming Spintown video! 'browian01' is made up of The Stevo Corrigan & Ian Brown, and also go by Two Blokes, Two Ukes. I've posted a number of their videos here in the past, and can't wait to see what these 2 can come up with. 'tommyknox99' isn't a stranger to Spintown either. He's actually a Spintown All-Star, so you can imagine how hyped I am about getting him to work on a video with me. Since I've had a positive response from a few YouTubers lately, it's very possible that I will release 2 'Pain For Laughs' videos within a very short period of each other.

One more bit of info before I get to the videos. Another Spintown All-Star left me a message the other day. YouTuber 'kyaaakya' left a comment on my YouTube page: "thanks for such awesome compliments and comments on your blog :)" I should be thanking her for giving me post-worthy material for the blog. It was nice of her to leave that comment though, and good to know some of the people I feature here have actually stumbled upon Spintown.

Oh, and another big post today...what can I say...I gotz mad blog skillz.

Act Two
You got Act One yesterday, so here's Act Two of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra @ Carnegie Hall.

YouTrax.tv Show 15
In this episode YouTrax features Dondria, also known as 'Phatfffat' on YouTube. More importantly YouTrax features Nick Pitera, also known as 'goonieman86' on YouTube. I've posted a number of Nick's videos here at Spintown.

The Happy Spacemen
rathergoodstuff is usually rather good, so watch this odd music video.

Childrens BOP!
nigahiga makes a funny parody about a product that I think most adults find annoying.

It All Makes Sense At The End
I posted the MP3 of this song in the BOTR section before. Somehow I missed the actual video Molly Lewis made of her Song Fu Round 3 entry.

Target Dance Party
I'll be honest, I couldn't watch all of this 'Supermac18' video. It's been big on YouTube recently, and he's a big name on YouTube, so I thought I'd post it.

I'm On A Boat
A bunch of well known YouTubers decided to get together and cover a Lonely Island track. You'll see 'MysteryGuitarMan', 'Supricky06', 'CoreyVidal', 'Ponceman' & 'TheSAP'.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Scratch Bastard blows my mind at Scribble Jam. CLICK HERE FOR Imperial March

2. If you don't watch POPTUB on YouTube you're missing out. Not only do you get to see Maria Sansone, but they link to a decent video once in awhile. CLICK HERE FOR Harmonica Maddness

3. I've already linked to this original DxDutch song a couple of times in the past. But she recently made a music video to go along with it, so I'm linking to it again. CLICK HERE FOR Just Being Jealous

4. Rebecca Shearing does a Lady Gaga cover. CLICK HERE FOR Just Dance (remix)

5. Cute animals & music. CLICK HERE FOR You Make My Day

6. YouTuber 'Richalvarez' can do more then make episodes of the Stupid Mario Brothers. CLICK HERE FOR Acapella 7-Part Multi Track

7. YouTuber 'gary42484' attempts to do a Hootie & The Blowfish cover. CLICK HERE FOR Only Wanna Be With You

8. Nicole Kroese (age 16) performs a great jazz solo choreographed by Natalie Reid. CLICK HERE FOR Spotlight

9. Susan Boyle hype revitalizes a 10-year-old cover. CLICK HERE FOR Cry Me A River

10. We started today with the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, and we'll finish the same way. CLICK HERE FOR Symphony Highlights

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