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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome To Spintown

Spintown News:
I got online today just to check my e-mail & messages. In the process I saw that Jonathan Mann uploaded the Spintown song I requested. So even though I'm still pretty sick, I sat up until I had a full blog post for today. I might miss another day or 2 due to illness & the fact that it's finals week coming up. But I'll be back to my usual routine shortly.

The songs for the final round of Song Fu 3 are now in. Both songs were great, and I may not be able to pick a favorite this time. Links are in the BOTR section.

PS: You may notice I threw one of the new headers up the other day. I'm featuring videos from 2 of the people in the header today.

Welcome To Spintown
This song should play every time someone visits this blog. Jonathan Mann is simply awesome. Go check out more of his stuff, then donate a little cash if you can.

I Kill People
Jon Lajoie takes awkward white rap to a whole new level.

Hank Green lost to Molly Lewis in Song Fu 3, so he's now moving his music career in a new direction....rap.

Who is you're favorite YouTube pole dancer? I don't know if can pick between 'UsLaGirl' & 'aletheaaustin'.

You see why it's so hard to pick?

Amazing Beatbox Kid
I don't post beatbox videos unless they're pretty amazing, so you might want to watch this guy.

Carlye's Song
Here's an original from Tommy Knox. Hopefully we'll have some Spintown music created by Tommy in the near future.

Best Of The Rest:

Here's a quick reminder of what the Final Challenge was for Song Fu 3:

"I call this one FRANKENSONG. For this fourth and final challenge, you must craft a composition that contains AT LEAST THREE (3) distinctly different songs within your final song, but which fit together into a cohesive whole. By distinct, I mean both tempo and style. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 45 seconds."

1. Here's the entry from Song Fu Masters Paul & Storm. If you grew up playing classic videogames like I did, you'll probably love this song. CLICK HERE FOR Frogger! The Frogger Musical

2. At first I thought I wasn't going to like this song from Molly Lewis when I realized what it was about. But I kept listening, and it's one of my favorite songs of the competition. CLICK HERE FOR Our American Cousin If you want to vote for your favorite, then just Click Here. Mads props to Mick Bordet & Jutze Schult for turning in a song even though they have already been eliminated from the tournament.

3. Hot chick wearing almost nothing falls hard. How can you not watch the video after that description? CLICK HERE FOR Dancing Lingerie Babe

4. Not a bad parody/remix of the Susan Boyle video. CLICK HERE FOR Susan Boyle Goes Gangsta

5. I get dizzy just watching this guy, I don't know how he's still standing? CLICK HERE FOR Wacky Tribal Dance

6. This would have been a lot cooler if it weren't a publicity stunt. CLICK HERE FOR 100 Single Ladies

7. The Zimmers are a bunch of old geezers who can still rock. CLICK HERE FOR geriatric1927

8. This is an old 'whateverhollywood' video, but they just uploaded the widescreen version. CLICK HERE FOR Spray Tan Rap

9. Normally if I'm going to post a link to a pain montage or ownage compilation it's going to be 1 that I made. This guy did a decent job though. I think the video could have been a lot better with a few minor changes, but hey it's his first try. CLICK HERE FOR Brutal Bikes Crash Compilation - 2009 Part 1

10. Perez Hilton is a complete jerk, and this video should be titled something closer to I'm A Dick. CLICK HERE FOR My Penis

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