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Monday, April 13, 2009

Street Fighter Love Song

Spintown News:
Nothing much to talk about today. I did put up another project on IFreelance. This time to get some new graphics for the site.

Street Fighter Love Song
So many fans had to wait a really long time to get a true Street Fighter sequel, so someone was bound to write a love song about this game.

Should've Said No
This chick could become a regular here at Spintown. Probably not for the reasons she would like however. For now, lets laugh at this horrible Taylor Swift cover.

Hadschi Halef Omar Buffalaxed
It's amazing how bad music can become entertaining by adding jacked up subtitles.

Lil' Breakdancer
I posted a video of this kid just a few days ago, and he's already got another video going around.

Dead & Gone Light On
Looks like Tommy Knox got a better camera. Here's an acoustic version of a David Cook & TI song.

DaveyDanceBlog -58- Wiesbaden
Here's another guy I need to get in my next dance video. This is a project he started while traveling Europe during Spring 2007. Normally, he's armed only with an ipod and a Canon PowerShot. Davey picks a location and a pop song. Then Davey records an improvised dance.

Pop Waffle Vol. 26
The music in this episode of Pop Waffle is Lisztomania by Phoenix.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Sarah LaMantia AKA 'SarEliz0131' on YouTube does an acapella Josh Hoge cover. CLICK HERE FOR 360

2. Here's a cool commercial, but wait...are they talking about what I think they're talking about? CLICK HERE FOR Schick

3. YouTuber 'kyaaakya' recently became a Spintown All-Star. (see link on the right) CLICK HERE FOR A Spintown All-Star

4. Been over a week since I linked to a Pacman video. CLICK HERE FOR Throw It Up

5. I'm picturing a duet with YouTuber 'gary42484' & that terrible chick I featured above. My ears hurt just thinking about it. CLICK HERE FOR The Way You Make Me Feel

6. This is why I don't play dance games in public. CLICK HERE FOR Dance Dance Fail

7. Here's an original song from Brittany Nicole. CLICK HERE FOR Cry

8. Cookie Monster & Pink Planet rock out in the subway. CLICK HERE FOR The Fallen Monster

9. I thought I already posted this, but I just saw it on my list of videos to post. So I guess I had a brain fart. CLICK HERE FOR Dancing Weather Girl

10. Here's Jaqueline Harris who nails this dance routine. CLICK HERE FOR Toxic

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