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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Like A Boss

Spintown News:
The total number of YouTube views for "Pain For Laughs 21" basically doubled today. joemonster.org apparently embeded the video, so thanks a lot to whoever did that. Jumped the view count up to around 12,000 on YouTube. It's around 36,000 on Metacafe at the moment.

Like A Boss (Uncensored Version)
This was just uploaded on 'thelonelyisland' YouTube channel. If you would rather watch the clean version CLICK HERE.

My Boo
Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston team up to sing an Usher parody.

Sell Nature
Here's an original song by YouTuber 'ReinaDelCid'.

Song For Sammy
I just subscribed to Jess Delgado on YouTube. She has a nice voice, and teams up with an already well known YouTuber (AJ Rafael) for her first video.

We Just Touched Awkwardly
Natalie isn't the best singer, but we still love her here at Spintown.

Naichau Kamo
YouTuber 'kyaaakya' decided to dance with other YouTubers in one of her more recent videos.

Favorite Food
This is a little creepy for a ukulele song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I liked this acoustic guitar solo by Kelly Valleau. CLICK HERE FOR Hommage To Barrios

2. Saw a clip of Miley Cyrus on Leno the other day. Everything about that girl bugs me. Here's Tiffany Alvord singing "The Climb" better then Miley ever will. CLICK HERE FOR The Climb

3. Jonathan Mann may be writing a song for Spintown in the future. CLICK HERE FOR Pieces

4. Have you heard Jim Gillette's bad ass scream lately? CLICK HERE FOR Scream

5. Jail is always so much cooler in bad 1980's flicks. CLICK HERE FOR We're In Jail

6. Here's a Juliet Weybret original song. CLICK HERE FOR October's Not Over

7. Did you know I took every art class my high school had, and I still can't draw, paint or sculpt? Hopefully Lauren Fairweather got more out of her class then I did. CLICK HERE FOR Art Class

8. How many ways are there to play "Happy Birthday" on a violin? This chick would know I bet. CLICK HERE FOR Happy Birthday

9. These 2 aren't exactly AJ Rafael or David Choi, but they did much better then I expected. CLICK HERE FOR She Was Mine

10. I know girls are better multi-taskers, but this is a little odd. CLICK HERE FOR Pogo Girl

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