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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shoes In Asian Homes

Spintown News:
I started an account at LiveLeak, but I don't know if I like this site. I'll try it out for awhile, but let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Shoes In Asian Homes
YouTuber 'ice1cube' made a funny music video parody of the Kiss Me Through The Phone song.

Hey Lucy
This song is so bad I felt sad for the kid who made it for a couple seconds....then I laugh out loud for awhile.

Here's another music video done by a bunch of Asians. This one isn't funny, but is actually a well done music video cover.

Tell Me Lies
Those crazy inmates are dancing again. Aside from the shower rapings, I bet that place is a blast.

I had to feature this for personal reasons. At my old daycare job there was a girl named Aubrey who worked in the kitchen. My co-workers & I would play this song every time we saw her coming down the long hall to our work area. Eventually we taught the kids we watched to sing this song, and they sang it for her. I believe we included this song in the musical we put on that summer as well, but I'm not to sure. Good times...definately better then the daycare job I've currently got.

Robot Wedding Singer
If I ever get married, I want a wedding singer that can do the robot.

I laughed at this video by Ben Brix. Really simple, but made me smile.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Olivia Thai does a good job with this Mariah Carey song. CLICK HERE FOR My All

2. AJ Rafael & Gabe Bondoc get together to sing a song. CLICK HERE FOR Details In The Fabric

3. Britain's Got Talent saxophonist reduces Amanda Holden to tears. CLICK HERE FOR Sweet Sax

4. Tommy Knox tries his hand at a Creed song. CLICK HERE FOR My Own Prison

5. Kina Grannis could make any song worth listening to. Here's her take on a Ben Harper song. CLICK HERE FOR Waiting On An Angel

6. Just when you thought that every singer on YouTube had finally covered this Miley song...Jennifer Chung gave it a try. She doesn't do a bad job, but honestly I've heard this song so much that I just hate it now. CLICK HERE FOR The Climb

7. Jonathan Mann sings about a website other than Spintown. CLICK HERE FOR Fire Engine Red

8. YouTuber 'daniellesmagic' uploaded an original song last week. CLICK HERE FOR Bribes

9. Not a bad jazz routine for 12 year olds. CLICK HERE FOR Creator

10. The sock puppets from the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre created a funny bit. CLICK HERE FOR Motivational Blues

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