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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kelly: The Prequel

Spintown News:
I stayed up all night last night working on a project for school. It's finals week, so I'm slammed. Mike Lombardo commented on this blog the other day. I like knowing that the people I post about like the blog. CLICK HERE FOR Mike's Comment

Kelly: The Prequel
This is probably my least favorite of the Kelly music videos, but it still has it's moments.

CH Live: NYC - Jake and Amir 3
I love it when Amir tries to rap in the Jake & Amir videos.

I thought this little music video was cool.

I Quit Being Miserable
YouTuber 'babyporridge' sings a pretty little diddy.

Give Me Back
But Kina Grannis is still my girl. She shows why with this original song.

Hot Dancer
This dance was posted by 'artmediafilm'.

String Dance
This was posted by Kiran Kumar on Vimeo.

Best Of The Rest:

1. That little girl can't dance, but that voice is shockingly good. CLICK HERE FOR 10 Year Old Hollie Steel

2. YouTubers 'coomadoug' & 'bios36' team up for a new video. CLICK HERE FOR This Little Thing

3. If I ever manage to pay my bills, and save a couple bucks, I'd buy this DVD. CLICK HERE FOR Playing For Change: Peace Through Music

4. Rhett & Link need to borrow a few things for their next big video. CLICK HERE FOR Lend A Hand

5. Jonathan Mann took the day off from singing, and had his girlfriend fill in. CLICK HERE FOR Don't Let Your Ovaries Get You Down

6. Brittany Nicole does a good job with this Taylor Swift song. CLICK HERE FOR Crazier

7. Accordion music is so cool. Probably my second favorite instrument. CLICK HERE FOR Accordion

8. Tommy Knox does a good job with a classic Hootie And The Blowfish song. CLICK HERE FOR Let Her Cry

9. Kris Mark & Matt Clores work well together. CLICK HERE FOR Rivers Of Babylon

10. Performed by Dancers Edge & choreography by Keri LeGrand. CLICK HERE FOR The Mirror

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