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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fink The Fox

Spintown News:
No real news today. I did drop off a resume at a local school that has a PE position open. Fingers crossed, but I don't expect to get the job.

Fink The Fox
This fox is cooler then your average fox, he has some mad rhymes.

Super Mario Bros 2 WITH LYRICS
This is the first brentalfloss video to appear on Screwattack.

Daydream Believer: Literal Video Version
I'm so glad YouTuber 'DustoMcNeato' started this trend, and others have ran with it.

Lego Silence Of The Lambs: Put The F-ing Lotion In The Basket
Making a Silence Of The Lambs musical was a stroke of genius. Doing a lego version of it was beyond brilliant.

It's the World Wide Web
Neil Cicierega brings back some memories with this music video.

Eating Disorders: The Musical
I'm a sucker for a musical, even if it's about something strange like eating disorders. This is just the rough cut of the opening scene, I can't wait to see more from YouTuber 'butterbeerwrocks'.

Light-Paint Piano Player
I thought this was a cool video by Ryan Cashman.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Be honest, you guys didn't really miss me while I was gone did you? You just missed the videos of hot chicks shaking their money makers. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

2. Here's a little remix from rathergood.com involving Ronald Reagan & Dale Winton. CLICK HERE FOR Bring On The Wall

3. I guess this is a neat trick, but I'd rather have a female partner. CLICK HERE FOR Fiddle & Piano Acrobats

4. I struggle to understand why 'smosh' is popular on YouTube. Since they are, I figured I'd post their latest video with a dance theme. CLICK HERE FOR Unitarded

5. When I was little, I used to love these pinball videos on Sesame Street. CLICK HERE FOR Pinball #4

6. Colbert challenges Steele to a rap battle. CLICK HERE FOR The Challenge

7. Here's some Led Zeppelin by YouTuber 'jun626'. CLICK HERE FOR Thank You BBC

8. Kina & David did a Beatles cover the other day. CLICK HERE FOR Yesterday

9. Don't worry, I plan on having a better animator then YouTuber 'JawKneeYeah' for one of my upcoming videos. CLICK HERE FOR Say Goodbye

10. I'd like to apologize for tricking you with that first link. Here's a sweet little pole dance video, that should more then make up for it. CLICK HERE FOR Twilight Dream

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