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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Pay My Taxes

Spintown News:
The entries for Round 3 of Song Fu 3 are in, and the voting has begun. I'll be posting my top 5, and opinions in the next blog. There's 5-6 really good entries this round.

I Pay My Taxes
Somebody send this video to the Obama administration.

Energy Wasting Day 2009
I love ideas like this, it's like punching Earth Day right in the kidney......if holidays actually had kidneys that is.

Mega Man 2 (Rap)
I wonder if 'brentalfloss' has seen this video yet?

Pole Dance
The music this lovely lady is dancing to is Teardrop by Massive Attack.

The Duck Song
It's a song about a duck...did you really need to read this description to figure that out?

Billie Jean
It's a tall order to cover a classic Michael Jackson song, but this chick does a great job.

Stutter Singing
The sad thing is that it looks like he's really trying to do a good job.

Best Of The Rest:

1. If you noticed me spamming a few popular artists on Twitter this video is why. I figured it can't hurt to build a little good will between Spintown & a bunch of deadly ninjas. CLICK HERE FOR Twitterbomb NIN/JA

2. The Lonely Island = cool. LEGO = cool. Lonely Island + LEGO = (see link for answer) CLICK HERE FOR Incredibad In LEGO

3. Beardyman is doing his thing...or at least that's what the title of the video claims. CLICK HERE FOR Beardyman Thing

4. How do you destroy a classic theme song from a movie? Watch this TuTu Band video to find out. CLICK HERE FOR Dustbuster

5. I told you I was disappointed with the flute beatbox video a couple day ago. Well this harp beatbox video isn't much better. CLICK HERE FOR Tim Barsky

6. I like TLC & I like YouTuber 'MissCarolinexoxo', but this cover was just so so. CLICK HERE FOR Waterfalls

7. Have you ever wanted to play a set of drums made from ice? CLICK HERE FOR Icy Drums

8. My dad died from a massive heart attack probably brought on by his diabeetus. So in all seriousness, please make an effort to get you & yours to eat a little healthier. CLICK HERE FOR Diabeetus Dance Remix

9. Timothy DeLaGhetto uploaded a cool collab video a little while back. CLICK HERE FOR You Are The One (Remix)

10. Here's a Beyonce acoustic cover by Avenue...with a twist. CLICK HERE FOR Single Ladies

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