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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fast Food Folk Song

Rhett & Link try their hand at a classic internet gag, but get owned by the drive thru guy at Taco Bell instead.

Hardcore Jewish Chicks '09
I don't think I know enough Jewish girls...

Thief In The Night
David Choi just posted another original song.

It's been awhile since this YouTuber uploaded a video to either of her 2 accounts. I thought I'd welcome her back by featuring the video she just uploaded.

You Got Me Dancing
Tommy Sparks has me missing 80's music...didn't think it was possible.

Sexy Cyborg From Another Dimension!
Here's another music video featuring a ripped chick who could probably kick my butt.

It All Makes Sense At The End
I already linked to this MP3, but Hank made a crappy video to go along with it. Great song, crappy video...

Best Of The Rest:

1. 'moymoypalaboy' is doing their thing again on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR House Of The Rising Sun (remix)

2. This is a very good violin & piano cover of The Killers. CLICK HERE FOR Mr. Brightside

3. Not much to look at, but not a bad Aerosmith cover by YouTuber 'ElishaJordan'. CLICK HERE FOR Don't Want To Miss A Thing

4. Here's a Michael Jackson ukulele cover by YouTuber 'm1ssychr1ssy09'. CLICK HERE FOR Beat It

5. I hope you have a late pass to give to Walt, class has already started. CLICK HERE FOR Crab Drill

6. YouTuber 'Coomadoug' may be reaching beyond his grasp trying to do a Frank Sinatra classic. CLICK HERE FOR My Way

7. YouTuber 'bexboop878' gets together with a couple other YouTubers to cover Lady GaGa. CLICK HERE FOR Poker Face

8. YouTuber 'alekseyvanin' does a cool rock cover of the same Lady GaGa song. CLICK HERE FOR Poker Face

9. I think I've mentioned I'm a sucker for television theme songs in the past. CLICK HERE FOR Go Go Power Rangers

10. I don't remember this song from The Sound Of Music. CLICK HERE FOR Favorite Things

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