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Sunday, April 5, 2009

White People Problems

Spintown News:
In the BOTR section I've given my top picks for Round 3 of Song Fu 3. I'm hoping some good YouTube videos will be inspired by some of these songs. I'm also hoping I do better with my picks this round. I kicked butt in R1, but half my R2 picks were way off.

I discovered something as I was about to make this blog post. YouTuber 'MysteryGuitarMan' commented on one of my blog entries from a couple days ago. I don't ever plan on making money with this blog, or even getting a lot of viewers, but I really get a kick out of stuff like that. I mean I'm a fan of most of the people I blog about, then to get one of them to leave a comment or something small like that is really great. CLICK HERE FOR Mentioned Post

White People Problems
I could write a novel about my problems.

She's Fine
Halle Berry goes on Ellen & dances to a song about herself. CLICK HERE For Complete Track CLICK HERE FOR 1 Of Many Web Dances

The Ten Plagues
Jonathan Mann quickly became one of my favorite YouTubers over the past couple weeks.

The Vocal People
What you are about to hear, is PURE HUMAN VOCALS. Just Accapella. No instruments. No sound effects.

Crazy Bruce's Liquors
Who doesn't like really bad local commercials? Honestly they're the only kind I don't skip over with my DVR.

The Steven Seagal - Chuck Norris - Van Damme Rap
Not bad, but I think they should have made it the Chuck Norris - Steven Seagal - Van Damme Rap. I mean I wouldn't want to be the guy who tells Chuck Norris he got second billing to a guy that wears a pony tail & runs like a girl.

Young Musical Prodigy
This young girl is going to be a star. The video will take a little while to pick up, but just wait.

Best Of The Rest:
The first 7 links will be songs from Round 3 of Song Fu 3. Here's a brief reminder of the challenge. "Write a song with the title “It All Makes Sense At The End”. You can interpret what song would be given that title in any way you see fit. Your song must run no shorter than 1 minute 45 seconds." After listening to my picks I suggest you go listen to the rest of the entries & vote on your top picks.

1. I picked both winners from the first 2 rounds. Lets see if I can make it 3 for 3. This time my #1 pick was Hank Green. I thought the idea for this song was creative, well written & funny. CLICK HERE FOR Hank Green

2. I don't think this song will make the top 3, but it was my second favorite. I'll probably end up singing it in my car more than Hank's song. CLICK HERE FOR Edric Haleen

3. My #3 song is from Molly Lewis. In the last round I thought her song sucked, yet she still came in second. This time she turned things around with another gem. So I wouldn't be surprized if she wins this round. CLICK HERE FOR Molly Lewis

4. Jeff MacDougall is probably my favorite song writer in this competition. I rarely pick him as having the best song, but it seems like he's always one of my top picks. CLICK HERE FOR Jeff MacDougall

5. My top 4 picks were pretty easy, but this 5th spot was difficult. I had a hard time picking between Mike Lombardo & Crabbydad. When I found out what this rounds challenge was I instantly thought of doing a song about movie & television spoilers. That's the idea that Crabbydad went with, as well as another contestant. Mike Lombardo came up with something nobody else thought of, so that's what gave him the edge (and my vote). CLICK HERE FOR Mike Lombardo

6. He just missed out on my top 5 & my vote, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to the song he wrote. CLICK HERE FOR Crabbydad

7. I mentioned another spoiler song as well. After checking out the YouTube channel of Mick Bordet I found a very simple video to go along with his entry. CLICK HERE FOR It All Makes Sense At The End (The Spoiler Song) CLICK HERE FOR MP3

8. This is a video that introduces some of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra members as they prepare for their journey to Carnegie Hall on April 15, 2009. CLICK HERE FOR Meet The YouTube Symphony Orchestra

9. I've seen bears riding bikes, bulldogs riding skateboards, but now I've seen a drum playing hippo. CLICK HERE FOR Drumming Hippo

10. Turn the volume off this video, and watch it while you listen to the Song Fu entries. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

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