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Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby You Look Better In The Dark

Spintown News:
Sorry this was late today, but it's been a loooong week for me. I'm lucky to get it done at all.

Baby You Look Better In The Dark
A touching video from YouTuber 'supricky06'.

A Walk Through Hell
Julia Nunes posted another cover. It's been awhile since I featured Julia, I wish she would start twittering.

Mrs. Nerimon
I think YouTuber 'italktosnakes' is a Nerimon fan, but I could be wrong.

The Spring Standards
I'm so glad that POPTUB started having artists do these live performances.

Happy Halloween From Michael McDonald
I somehow missed this video around Halloween.

They're A Ukrainian Band, Not Russian
Los Colorados do a Katy Perry cover...'Hot & Cold'.

Here are a bunch of singing cats featuring a rapping dog.

Best Of The Rest:

1. rathergoodstuff wrote a short & silly song. CLICK HERE FOR Nazi Squid

2. YouTuber 'Airto' does a Bobby Hebb cover. CLICK HERE FOR Sunny

3. Scribbletunes covers Diana Krall. CLICK HERE FOR Walk On By

4. I can't decide if this is stupid or cool, feel free to comment. CLICK HERE FOR LXD Official Trailer

5. Kermit sings a song on Sesame Street. CLICK HERE FOR On My Pond

6. If you watched Sesame Street as a kid I want to warn you, this will be stuck in you head all day. CLICK HERE FOR Show Open Season 1

7. Here's the latest video from 'beardyman' on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR Oompa-Loompa Blues

8. Rin On The Rox cover a Beyonce song. CLICK HERE FOR Roc

9. Here's someone who wants to work with John M. Chu. CLICK HERE FOR Audition

10. Which do you guys like more? The stripper pole videos or the web cam booty dances? CLICK HERE FOR Stripper Pole

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