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Monday, April 6, 2009

Simply Dance

Spintown News:
Well it's been about a week since I posted "Pain For Laughs 21". Didn't get as many views as I was hoping, but not bad for 1 week. Over at Metacafe it was the #1 rated & viewed video in the music & dance catagory. Overall it has been bouncing around between being ranked #1-#20. Overall in views it has made the front page, and as of right now been the 14th most viewed video during the past week with 33,000+ views.

On YouTube I've only got 4,500+ at the moment. If you add up MySpace, Veoh & Putfile I'd be lucky to get another 500 views probably. Not bad, but hopefully the next PFL video will do a little better. Thanks again to the webmaster at Phun.org for posting the YouTube version. That's where most of the 4,500+ views came from. Anyone else that may have helped pass it along, thank you as well.

If anyone has any pictures of cats hanging from something (like the one in the side bar -->) send them my way. If anyone else has a creative idea for a banner, logo, or Spintown image please send it my way as well.

Hopefully I'll post everyday this week, but I am going to be slammed more then usual this week. I've got 3 presentations to give in class this week alone. 2 that need to be around 40 minutes, and a 15 minute one as well. Guess I should start working on those today since the first 2 are on Tuesday.

Dance Moves That Rock!
This kid could be a star on the interwebs.

Prison Inmates
If it weren't for the possibility of getting gang rapped in the shower, I wouldn't mind going to prison in a place like that.

Guy At Work
Somebody give this guy some more work to do, he has too much time on his hands.

From Around The World
People from all over dancing to the Wondergirls.

YouTuber 'kyaaakya' is doing her thing again. Whenever I get the time to make another dance video, I'm really going to try to get her to be in it.

Awesome Ballet
I don't care if people do say ballet is for wimps. This is pretty cool.

Old Lady Hip Hop
This video just stole a lot of the coolness from HipHop. As a P.E. teacher I think it's great that these women are staying active though.

Best Of The Rest:

1. WoW fans have been begging for this for a long time. CLICK HERE FOR World Of Warcraft Dance Battle System

2. 1 thing I hate about dance in television & movies currently is the editing. I mean did Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers need 30 different cuts in a 1 minute dance routine? Just stay with 1 well framed shot, and let the audience focus on the dancing for heavens sake. Now that I've got that off my chest, Pacman recently scored a commercial. CLICK HERE FOR Adidas Commercial

3. I have a 2 year old niece. I think I might have her listen to this song. CLICK HERE FOR Pull Ups Potty Dance

4. This video takes about 35 seconds before it gets good. But if you wait, you'll see a decide pretty good popping routine. CLICK HERE FOR Pop & Wave

5. I don't know why Sweet Baby is dancing, but who really cares. CLICK HERE FOR Bikini Dance

6. This is another video that takes awhile to get good. But if you like fire & dance, it gets pretty good around 1:25. CLICK HERE FOR Fire Show From Moscow

7. I love street dancers, but this is different from most. I mean he doesn't just dance, but tells a story. CLICK HERE FOR Manga Pulp

8. I remember seeing this back before Michael Jackson was known as a sick freak. CLICK HERE FOR Dance Lesson

9. Are you in the mood for a pole dance video? Well if you insist... CLICK HERE FOR Pole Dance

10. Jessica Biel is going to play a stripper? This is great news to me, but I'm still holding out for Jennifer Love Hewitt to take a role like that. CLICK HERE FOR Powder Blue

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