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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All For You

Spintown News:
Spintown now loves everyone Polish, and promises never to tell another joke at the expense of the Polish. Of the 80,000+ views on YouTube so far that PFL21 has gotten, most have been from Poland. More than 60% of the people who rated or commented are also from Poland. 94% of the people who watched the video did so on another site that embedded the video. 88% of the people were male & 35% between the ages of 18-25. YouTube 'Insight' is pretty cool.

All For You
Here's an original song by Jennifer Chung & Johnny Yang.

Utah Jazz Dancer
I should just do a montage of people dancing at basketball games for my next video.

Tears In Heaven
11 year old Allan decides to try his hand at becoming a YouTube superstar.

Red Football
I get some flack for posting this type of video from time to time, but I think you people just need to be cultured. :p Here's Holly Groom choreographed by Rebekah Meinert & Ashley Galvan.

YouTrax.tv Show 14
In the latest episode of YouTrax TV, they featured Thia Megia & Krista Nicole.

Red Ring Of Death
A lot of people will be able to relate to this song by Chris Thompson.

Davey Meets: The Zimmers
YouTuber 'daveyboyz' hangs out with the oldest musical group on the planet.

Best Of The Rest:

1. This is the definition of a lip sync fail. CLICK HERE FOR Pretty Woman

2. Two4One on YouTube uploaded a Queen cover a couple weeks back. CLICK HERE FOR Another One Bites The Dust

3. This is another Brittany Nicole original. CLICK HERE FOR Sitting, Watching, Waiting

4. Usually I just watch the Happy Tree Friends on Mondo Media, but I cracked up watching Heavy Metal Guy the other day. CLICK HERE FOR Storytime

5. Here's some more Heavy Metal Guy. CLICK HERE FOR Express Checkout

6. It's not often I find a female dancer online that doesn't take off her clothes... CLICK HERE FOR Naichau Kamo

7. Electric Light Orchestra vs Beastie Boys, is a great mash up video. CLICK HERE FOR Last Train To You

8. 11 yr old Alex Raz plays the Star Spangled Banner at the Q. CLICK HERE FOR 11 Year Old Rocker

9. Not something you would expect from a monk. CLICK HERE FOR Heavy Metal Monk

10. Here's another poorly made local commercial from Accelerated Tax. CLICK HERE FOR Get Yo Taxes Done

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