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Friday, November 21, 2008

Venetian Princess - Womanizer

Spintown News:
I featured Joel Cathey yesterday, and he just sent me a dance video to use in "Internet Dance 2". Probably the best submission I've had thus far. Looks like he had fun, totally new video just for this project, and of course he was entertaining. Thank you Joel & thank your dance partner as well.

Womanizer - Parody
Venetian Princess isn't one of my favorite You Tubers, but there's a reason I subscribe.

Don Ross
At first I thought I was getting ready to watch a Bob Ross video, so even though this guy rocks I was a little disappointed.

The Mighty Underdogs - Want You Back
I saw this music video on Epic Fu, and thought it was cool.

"Youtube Live" (Live Your Life parody)
Mr. Jumba is going to You Tube Live, and he celebrates with a short song.

Best Of The Rest:

1. POPTUB did a little Womanizer mashup the other day. CLICK HERE FOR Mashup

2. This is a pretty good Steve Miller Band cover. CLICK HERE FOR The Joker

3. I promise you this is the most entertaining 'We're In The Money' lip sync you will watch in the next 2 minutes. CLICK HERE FOR Old People Lip Sync

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