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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sex Ed Rocks

Spintown News:
Everyone hates waiting 20 seconds or a couple minutes before the entertaining part of an online video starts. So I'm going to start adding code to my embeds or direct links that will allow you to skip to the good stuff right away. If I'm rushed, or short on time you'll have to forgive me if I don't. Most of the time however I plan on doing this to make things easier on you guys. This blog isn't that fancy or popular, but I'm trying to keep it simple & easy to use for you guys.

Sex Ed Rocks
I wish I could have just played this video the last time I had to teach a sex education class.

Your Weekly Music Lessons With Walt: Episode 8
Walt talks about the technology behind RockBand and Guitar Hero.

Ana Free - Head Over Feet
Haven't seen much of Ana lately, I'm glad she picked this great Alanis Morissette cover to post.

I know a few douchebags, so I'll probably make a video response to this.

Best Of The Rest:

1. MissCarolinexoxo did a good cover the other day. CLICK HERE FOR Rehab

2. Mia Rose doing a David Archuleta cover. CLICK HERE FOR Crush

3. Norah Jones sang a modified version of one of her songs on Sesame Street. CLICK HERE FOR Don't Know Y

4. Mario theme played on yet another instrument. CLICK HERE FOR Jaw Harp

5. sweetafton23 makes another good video, but I hope she doesn't cut her hair. CLICK HERE FOR Hidden In The Sand

6. Virtual Beatles? Just came across this, don't know much about the channel yet. CLICK HERE FOR Paperback Writer

7. Short, but funny. Guy draws a picture while singing a stupid song about it. CLICK HERE FOR Christopher's Draw & Sing

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