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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Double D Blues

Double D Blues
Aunt Susan shows Kelly she isn't the only one who can sing in her family.

This is basically the last Super Note update, giving you links to videos from the Super Note Live event. There should be a few more Super Note related videos still to come. For instance the final version of the Shay Carl theme song, and I would guess that Rhett & Link will do some sort of remix of the Super Notes.

Shaycarl Theme on SuperNote Live
Shay Carl was the winning captain in the Super Note contest. They actually start singing the song around the 6 minute mark if you want to skip right to it.

SuperNote Champion!
Cephas76 is the Super Note champion.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I give up; the Palin, McCain & Obama songs just won't freaking stop. CLICK HERE FOR SARAH PALIN: The Musical

2. It's booty time again, this time the video is more then 4 minutes long. CLICK HERE FOR 4 Minute Booty

3. Time to admire another part of the female body. CLICK HERE FOR Belly Dance

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