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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wine Glass Music

This guy is the Jimi Hendrix of wine glasses.

Wine Glass Music - The most popular videos are here

Girlfriend Remix
This features one of my favorite online personalities, Grace Helbig.

Mosh Girl Remix
I hadn't seen a picture of Moshzilla in forever, someone needs to get busy on some new photoshops.

Jack Conte
Jack does a great Radiohead cover, just ignore the last part of the video.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I subscribed to daveyboyz because of the Talk With Dave bits, but this alright. CLICK HERE FOR Sensitive Emo Chef

2. This girl can really shake it, she just has trouble staying in front of the camera. CLICK HERE FOR Off Center Booty

3. I hate Barely Political, but this isn't a bad video. CLICK HERE FOR Election Memory Dance Off!

4. This guy thinks he's "not horrendous, but not great". I'm just telling all my friends right now, that if I sound half as bad don't let me get up on stage anywhere. If this guy has friends they should be ashamed. Friends don't let friends sing bad. CLICK HERE FOR Karaoke Singer

5. I think they're better then the originals. CLICK HERE FOR BEE GEES MORE THAN A WOMAN Lost Promo...

6. Here's another Halloween music video I missed. CLICK HERE FOR Cash Money Monsters

7. Here's another dose of PacMan. CLICK HERE FOR Gangsta Love

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