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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Spintown News:
Thanks to POPTUB for 3 of the 4 featured videos today. New job is stressin' me out, killing my bad knee & my blog time. Still thinking of quitting, and finding something different.

A music video about me, cool.

James Bond 007 Movie Theme
Jack Conte tackles one of the best movie themes ever. A link to his channel is located on the right.

Charlie Bit Me - Remix
Remixing classic videos is always fun.

Snake Hunt Mississippi Style
I thought the people who caught catfish with their bare hands were crazy because they could get bit by turtles or snakes. These guys make those guys look like relatively sane individuals. Normally this wouldn't exactly fit the theme of this blog, I mean there's no dancing & it's not really a music video. However the background music was perfectly selected, and it's my freakin' blog so if I want to break a rule I'll do it. :p

Best Of The Rest:

1. Apparently there were candles in this video somewhere, but I've watched it 4 times and I still can't find them. CLICK HERE FOR Candles?

2. Another original from Tommy Knox. Channel link is on the right. CLICK HERE FOR Friend Like You (Wine & Moonshine)

3. Here's an original song from AJ Rafael. CLICK HERE FOR If I Had You (Showstopper)

4. I'm thinking about making it a law in Spintown to watch at least 1 booty dance each day. What do you think? CLICK HERE FOR Booty Law?

5. Here's a little medley by MissCarolinexoxo. CLICK HERE FOR Ukulele Medley

6. Every now & then Rocketboom will dabble in music. Link to the channel is on the right. CLICK HERE FOR ROCKETBOOM

7. Here's a video of PacMan in a dance battle. CLICK HERE FOR D-Rock

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