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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jon Lajoie - Too Fast

Spintown News:
1. 'Evolution Of Dance 2' was filmed the other day, and will have a Jan release. I'm so excited I think I might have pittled a little.
2. Denny Blaze the Average Homeboy just posted a video response to my first "Internet Dance" video, as a submission for this next video.

Too Fast
Jon Lajoie has more sexually explicit lyrics for us.

Maybe I Will - Julia Nunes
Julia, with the help of a few friends, makes a cool little stop motion video for a song on her CD. Channel link is on the right.

Fun with a Greenscreen!
This guy likes his greenscreen so much he sings a song about it.

David Choi - Heart
Another great original song by Mr. Choi. Channel link is on the right.

Best Of The Rest:

1. I can't decide if this guy is entertaining or annoying...you decide. CLICK HERE FOR Fun With Editing

2. Kina Grannis does a Regina Spektor cover. Channel link is on the right. CLICK HERE FOR The Call

3. I've posted some bad political music videos lately, this might be the worst of the bunch. CLICK HERE FOR Howl to the Chief: The Obama Puppy Song

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