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Friday, November 7, 2008

François Macré - Thriller

This guy must really like Michael Jackson to put in so much time making this video.

Pomplamoose - Gatekeeper
Another great video from Pomplamoose, this time with a Feist Cover.

He Loves A Fat Girl
Public access television is always good for a laugh or 2.

Robots are cool, and obviously we like dancing here at Spintown. So dancing robots are usually featured. Oh, I found 4 of todays videos thanks to POPTUB. Link on the side for those interested.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Here's a new Weezer music video. CLICK HERE FOR Troublemaker

2. Here's a pro Palin song. She could use a little cheering up with all the backlash she's getting right now in the media. CLICK HERE FOR The Palinator

3. Old people shouldn't sing hip hop, that should be a law or something. CLICK HERE FOR Senior Adult Choir Hip Hop

4. I saw this music video by Deltron 3030 on Epic Fu, and thought it was worth a link. CLICK HERE FOR Virus

5. My only complaint with this video is that it's not long enough. CLICK HERE FOR Short Booty

6. Time for some more PacMan, this time it's a montage of performances. CLICK HERE FOR PacMan Compilation

7. Here's another Elvis clip from Viva Las Vegas. CLICK HERE FOR What'd I Say

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