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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bike Hero

Bike Hero
Wow, this isn't just an great idea, but it had to have taken awhile to put together.

Never Gonna Give You Up - Barry Manilow
Just a warning, you may be Barry Rolled in the near future.

Don't Trust Me - 3Oh!3
Mac from WasteTimeChasingCars may have 40,000+ subscribers, but this is the first time I've linked to him. Nice song & video.

Tulsa Drummer
Watching stuff like this makes me wish I had taken some sort of music lessons as a kid.

Tulsa Drummer at Mayfest! - Awesome video clips here

Best Of The Rest:

1. I've already featured 2 videos of Shane Mercado doing this dance, but this is the best of the bunch thus far. CLICK HERE FOR The Bonnie Hunt Show

2. 'All the Single Ladies' was parodied by another famous singer recently. CLICK HERE FOR Justin Timberlake

3. Celina Hristov wants to grow up to be a singer. CLICK HERE FOR Cute Kid

4. Cool live performance on a television show. CLICK HERE FOR Audiofeels

5. Short clip, but nice booty. CLICK HERE FOR Booty

6. Ava Leigh does a Surpremes cover. CLICK HERE FOR Cupid

7. Lips sing 'Take Me On'. CLICK HERE FOR Cool Commercial

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