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Friday, November 28, 2008

Bandy Toaster

Groovy Dancing Girl 3
I loved the first 2 'Groovy Dancing Girl' videos, but I didn't know her online name was Bandy Toaster, or that she had a You Tube channel with 2 more videos in the series.

Groovy Dancing Girl 4
This video was just recently uploaded.

Beardyman & Mr. Hopkinson - Monkey Jazz
Yesterday I showed you a clip of this beatboxer at You Tube Live.

Pop Waffle Vol. 24
I wish FOX or CNN would try giving us the news with music & crayons.

Best Of The Rest:

1. Joel Cathey made another video, this time featuring his friend Faith Hefty. CLICK HERE FOR Looking Up

2. Here's an original song by Tom Milsom. CLICK HERE FOR Indigo

3. This lizard moves to the music, and seems to have an attitude. CLICK HERE FOR Attitude

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