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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954)

Ok, this easily makes it into my top 10 list of "Best Musicals Ever". It's just a FUN movie. If you're ever in a bad mood, this is the type of movie that can turn your whole outlook around. Lots of catchy songs, some incredibly athletic dancing & interesting (although not very complex) characters. The movie stars Howard Keel & Jane Powell. Howard's character strolls into town looking for a wife, when he falls head over heels for Jane. Keeping his 6 brothers a secret, Howard takes Jane to his home in the mountains where comedy ensues. It doesn't take the 6 brothers long to start pining over girls of their own, and in the end they literally steal their own women.

As good as this film is, it could have been even better. It was shot in only 48 days, and money was an issue since MGM didn't have high expectations for the film. There were A LOT of continuity problems & goofs that made it into the film. I only caught 1 of them myself, but IMDB lists A LOT of them. Seems that about half the actors were dubbed, and that kinda stinks.

Besides the 2 main stars, there were a couple notable names in the film. Russ Tamblyn shows off some of his gymnastic ability as the youngest brother, and Julie Newmar also makes an appearance. (Catwoman FTW!) I was able to find all the musical numbers on YouTube, but the quality of some of the clips aren't great, and a couple of them have embedding disabled (like "Wonderful, Wonderful Day"). But you can watch the movie TRAILER, and some of my favorite clips below...that should be enough to make you seek this film out if you haven't seen it.

Barn Dance

Bless Yore Beautiful Hide
This clip shows 2 takes. This film was filmed in widescreen & normal ratio.

Goin' Co'tin'

Sobbin' Women
There's a Higher Quality version that I couldn't embed.

June Bride
There's a Higher Quality version that I couldn't embed.

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