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Friday, January 14, 2011

Ads & Trolls

Ok, this is just going to be a little update about something new you might have noticed here. If you look in the sidebar you're going to notice an ad, and there should be one below today's blog post as well. Those spots have actually been there for a few days now, but the ads just got activated yesterday. I know you see ads almost everywhere you go online, so those ads shouldn't really be a big deal. However...I've stated for about 4 years, that Spintown is an ad free website & that it'll stay that way. So what made me change my tune or sell out? Well the money obviously. It's not like these ads are going to make me rich by any stretch, but I'm not well off financially at the moment, and it would be stupid for me to turn down even a small profit. When times are better again, maybe the ads will disappear. For now, the ads are out of the way & not too distracting. (no pop ups, and no audio) You don't have to click them, I'm not going to ask people to click them, but if someone wants to...they're there.

I will be looking into adding ads onto SOME of my YouTube videos. Probably just the interviews, I don't plan on adding them to things I don't own completely. All of the songs that were created for SpinTunes 1 & 2 are still going to be available for FREE download...that will never change. On to topic #2...

I got a really awesome message on YouTube the other day, and a neat comment on the blog the day before that.

your blog was the biggest waste of my time. horrible color combo and graphics with arrogant reviews - blog comment

Now I simply agreed with this, and thanked the anonymous person for their comment. But the next message was more entertaining...
Your channel and you

It's no wonder that you were fired/discharged/terminated/canned from your job a a P.E. teacher. You doubtlessly were too clueless, incompetent, and wimpy (a terrible attribute for a gym teacher, and totally obnoxious to continue in that position. Too bad! My sympathy is only exceeded by your pomposity and my contempt for you! The poor students that had to put up with you! I know that you're mentally challenged, so I'll type very slowly.

How can you, a stolid, talentless, imbecilic, moronic, ungrateful biped, not to mention worthless protoplasm, judge anyone's uploads, hold a songwriting contest? To do so (or attempt to do so) requires effrontery tantamount to Michael Vick opening a humane shelter for dogs. Such hubris, you truly nauseate me so, figuratively, not literally. If feces were asphalt, you'd be Route 66. You are so out of your element, in trying to hold such a contest! Why not do all YouTubers (and the world) a favor and discontinue it immediately? Obviously, you cannot songwrite or sing, or else you'd have posted videos of your singing and/or originals. Those that teach, teach; those that can't teach administrate, and those that can't logically and systematically (largely due to stupidity and absence of talent) hold a songwriting contest (unfortunately, in YOUR CASE) try to hold one anyway. How ironic! A deracinated, addled, incompassionate, over-inflated "person" such as yourself should steer clear of such ventures in the present and the future. One who knows that he/she doesn't know is wise. One who doesn't know that he/she doesn't know is a fool. You are in the latter category.
I know some people get mad at stuff like this, but I rather enjoyed reading it. Even told the guy to write me anytime, that I would be happy to hear from him again. The guy is all over the place with his criticisms. He assumes I was fired from a P.E. job, when I've never been fired from any job. He knows how good I was at my job, based on a completely unrelated blog & YouTube page. He claims I can't sing or write songs, when I've never claimed to be able to do either. (I can't...don't care) As for the contest & reviews stuff...I'm happy with how SpinTunes has gone thus far. My reviews...well I'm the first to tell you they suck. Heck most of the time I wouldn't even call them reviews, it's just me picking my favorite songs from various rounds in contests. Sure sometimes I'll write something not so nice, but it's just 1 persons opinion...and that person flat out tells you he knows next to nothing about music. Well it's my blog...my opinions will continue to be posted, and I encourage more people to send me messages like this. Come on, that "if feces were asphalt" line was awesome.

PS: Songs are due by Saturday for the SpinTunes side project. I'll post LP info soon.


  1. I wonder what it says about your correspondent that he's even less successful than an out-of-work, color-bline, talentless hack? By this I mean I've never heard of him or anything he's done; whereas I've quite enjoyed the Spintunes competitions, and your reviews, and the Pain for Laughs videos, etc.

    I've turned off my adblocker for this site so my frequent visits will be counted towards your revenue. Hey... if THAT guy hates you, then you deserve to get paid.

  2. Thanks Dave.

    Anyone who does anything online gets these types of messages once in awhile. So I really don't mind them. The more I get the better...means more people are at least stopping by the place. :p