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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best Of The Best #2

After the first 10 "YouTube Treasure Hunts", I went back & featured all my favorite YouTubers that I had found. These weren't people who had 1 good song, but people who I subscribed to because they consistently put out quality videos. (Best Of The Best #1) The first 10 hunts were done every week. The second 10 hunts were done monthly, and the rules were altered a bit. I think I like those changes, because it made it easier to find higher quality videos. It was tough to narrow down my favorite 7 YouTubers from YTTH's 11-20, but my selections are below. If you're looking for new talent to sub on YouTube...these people are a good place to start.

Good Morning Sleepyhead by Natalie Holmes
One of my favorite YouTubers from the first 10 YTTH's asked me if there is anyone I would like to see him collab with. I ended up giving him a long list of people ranging in talent, styles & fan base. One of the people on that list was Natalie. She's only 17, but she's AMAZING nonetheless. When I first found her channel she had 1,220 subs, and is currently at 2,118. Expect a new collab from Natalie sometime later today...I'm actually very excited about it. (EDIT: New Collab with Craig Bevan)

NattyHolmesMooosic & @NattyHolmes

Smile Out Loud by Danna Richards
I actually stumbled onto Danna back when she had only 14 subscribers & featured her in YTTH #14. At that time she didn't have a huge catalog on YouTube, but she had started a "Song A Day" project. Like Jonathan Mann, she was writing & uploading a new song every single day. She was only on song #24, and I didn't subscribe at that point. I kept seeing her name pop up when doing my searches, and later I ended up featuring her again in YTTH #18. Things had changed for her by this point. She had gone from 14 subscribers to 9,129, and she was on song #129. She's currently on song #188 sitting at 8,614 subscribers, but I'm sure that number will start to grow again soon.

DannaRichards & @dannarichards + @mynine2five

Where I Can Sing by Paul Larson
The original account I found with Paul's videos was run by a third party...not Paul. Apparently it was a friend of Paul, and he uploaded videos on a regular basis. I JUST found out that all the videos of Paul were removed from that channel, and there are a couple other channels featuring Paul. I'm not totally sure what is what yet, but from what I can tell this video is from Paul's new personal YouTube channel. I could be wrong, but I've sent out a couple messages so hopefully I'll know soon. Paul's music is beautiful no matter what channel it's on, and his voice is very soothing. (EDIT: Paul recently retired from teaching, and decided to start putting videos on his own channel. The channel linked to below is in fact run by Paul.)


OK Stupid by Jenny Katz
Shortly after finding Jenny on YouTube I started the songwriting contest SpinTunes. I decided to ask Jenny to join in, and to my delight she did. She completed 2 songs in the first SpinTunes. In round 1 the challenge was: "Write a song from the point of view of a super hero or super villain." Jenny wrote "Blofelds Beginnings", and if you're a James Bond fan you'll love it. In round 2 the challenge was: "Write a song where the choruses are a different time signature than the verses." Jenny wrote "Miss You", and even though I loved it, the judges voted her out at this point. As long as this sexy voiced jazz temptress keeps making music...I'll continue to be a fan. She had 9 subs when I first found her channel, and currently has 242.


Not My Life by Drew Tabor
She cranks out a lot of covers, with a new original once is awhile as well. She's another youngster at 17, but that just means she'll be getting a lot better...and she's already good. I'm not sure how many subs she had when I first found her channel, but she currently has 7,488.

drewby1xo & @drewtaborr

The Accidental Truth by Ryan Welton
Ryan is another person from the YTTH's I asked to compete in SpinTunes. In round 1 (superhero challenge) he wrote "Underdog Blues", and did pretty well. For whatever reason Ryan failed to enter a song in round 2, and was eliminated via a DQ. He's still making videos though, and he uploads A LOT of original material. He had 484 subs when I first found his channel, and currently has 588.

soonerryan2000 & @soonerryan2000

If Time Goes Away by Brent Brown
Brent puts out a lot of videos. Originals & covers...I've even seen a couple raps & a poem. He had 207 subs when I first found his channel, and currently has 2,821.

brentbrown808 & @brentbrown808

I almost picked lionwell9 aka Jen O'Sullivan in my top 7, but she doesn't have a lot of videos up yet. I love the limited amount she has up at the moment, so if you're wanting to check out just one more channel it's worth a look.

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