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Monday, January 3, 2011

Pain For Laughs #25

There's a site out there uploading my new videos right after I upload them, and claiming them as their own. I've made a couple copyright claims, but thus far nothing has come of it. The only way to really fight this if YouTube does nothing is to spread the word of my original upload as fast as possible. I've been pimping all morning just so the copycats don't take a huge chunk of my views.

I would really appreciate people spreading the word about MY YouTube copy of this video. Especially to sites like GorillaMask & Phun.

These videos generally do pretty well in terms of views over time. I have 4 others on YouTube at the moment, and one of them has well over 380,000 views, another over 110,000 views, and the other 2 are around 70,000 views. I also have some on Metacafe, and 2 of them on that site have well over 100,000 views, with 6 others in the 10,000-70,000 range. If you are interested in covering my theme song, or writting a featured track for a video, it will probably be heard by a large number of people. So contact me if you're interested.

Featured song: "Jump" by BXC
Website: http://theofficialbxcmusic.com/
Twitter: @BXCMusic
YouTube: bxctv

You can also find this video on: Metacafe, Daily Motion, Viddler, MySpace.

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