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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Macao (1952)

Macao (1952) kinda sucks. Robert Mitchum & Jane Russell are the 2 big stars, and they play their roles alright, but it's just a poorly written film. It's a mystery that isn't all that big of a mystery, and has a few plot holes that proves this just wasn't all that well thought out. Gloria Grahame plays a supporting role, and I didn't really think highly or poorly of her efforts. But I did read something on IMDB that made me want to go back and watch her parts again.

"When Grahame asked to be loaned out to make George Stevens's A Place in the Sun (1951), Hughes turned down her request and forced her to make this movie (she reportedly dryly told her then-husband and uncredited director Nicholas Ray, who she was in the process of divorcing, that she wouldn't ask for alimony if he could get her out of this movie). Grahame later stated that she intentionally over-acted out of hatred for Hughes." - IMDB
This really isn't a musical, but Jane Russell did sing 2 numbers in the film...which is why I'm mentioning it. The best moment in the film is when Jane sings "You Kill Me". She does a good job with the song, but the DRESS she wears in the scene is AMAZING. It's probably the best I've seen Jane look in any picture. I don't suggest you watch the film, but if you're so inclined you can watch the TRAILER.

One For My Baby by Jane Russell

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