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Monday, January 24, 2011

Allyson Townsend Interview

Unfortunately this is not a "Spintown Interviews..." video, but recently my favorite ASL cover artist (Allyson Townsend) was interviewed by ABC. She's an amazing person, doing amazing things so it's cool to see that ABC decided to feature her. Last time I heard from Allyson she had half of the Spintown video done, but then I never heard back. She was just starting that teaching job shown in the ABC spot, and was fairly busy. At this point I don't expect that interview to ever happen, but you never know. I can't embed the interview, so you'll have to click the LINK and watch it on Yahoo.

You can visit Allyson's YouTube channel to see more of her. I'll embed a couple of her videos below.

Lucky (Jason Mraz cover)

Love Story (Taylor Swift cover)

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